God in us!

God in us!

In this fast moving life where we all are part of the rat race, competing for every single rupee and position, doing all sort of politics, trying to belittle people, by doing all this we have lost humanity in ourselves.

Today morning while going to the golf course, I heard a short story on some FM channel which really moved me from inside, sharing the same so that we can start taking steps towards becoming a good human being if not God.

There was a child in Lucknow, one fine morning, he went to his mother and told her that he is going outside to meet God, so she should pack some food for God, Mother’s are Mother’s, she packed few sandwiches and gave it to the kid, then this child in search of god went to a park and saw a smiling old lady sitting on a bench, she hardly had any teeth left but her smile was as charming as possible, attracted towards her this child went to her touching her feet he told, dadi I have brought in some sandwiches for you would you like to eat, seeing his gesture old lady starting smiling more profusely and took the sandwich and gave half of it to the child and ate half of it.After having sandwiches this lady gave lots of blessings and looking at her smile this kid also got very happy and went back to his home

As he came back to his home, mother asked child did u meet God, he said yes I meet her, she was very beautiful and accepted my food and gave me lots of blessing and she was very happy. At the same time when this old lady reached her home, her son asked how was your experience at the park, she told her son that God himself came to park at gave me food to eat.

Moral of the story is that both of them saw god in each other and were very happy to meet God, all of us have a part of God in us, we just suppress the God in our daily life routine and negativity plays in our mind only, and we have lost even humanity in ourselves.

Let’s pledge to become a good human being and make a difference to someone’s life, maybe god inside wants us to do that.

  • Somya
    on April 2nd, 2019

    Great.. truly inspiring story

  • Tanya Mishra
    on April 2nd, 2019

    you’re really a good person and spread happiness, good things will come to you!

  • Saloni Mathur
    on April 2nd, 2019

    Wow ..faith is all we need 😊

  • Jennifer
    on April 3rd, 2019

    Nice one Nippun!

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